Client Services

Thobanco Technologies provides professional IT recruiting and placement for contract, contract to hire and permanent staff positions. Some of our associates have over twenty years of recruiting experience. They have skills, knowledge, and abilities that can only be learned after many years of practice. No other company can find and provide the IT talent that Thobanco can.

We specialize in finding and providing the best .Net, JAVA, AS400, Oracle, Unix, and IBM Mainframe developers. Our associates are experienced with VB.Net, C#, SQL Server, Visual Basic, C/C++, COBOL, RPG, Oracle, Java, Lotus Notes and ABAP programming languages.

We provide expert personnel in all areas of IT from programming and development to architecture, database administration, system analysis, business analysis, project management, networking, desktop support, security, and quality assurance.

Thobanco Technologies takes a strategic approach to staffing, and we work closely with both the candidates and employers to find the best fit for both parties. In our ever changing business market, attracting the top IT talent when needed could ultimately determine a company's success. On average, the percentage of employees completely satisfied with their job is around 40%. With people switching companies more than ever before, we ask: what exactly are the candidate's dreams, values, and interests? Matching these findings to our client's position is the key to providing candidates with a job they will love.

We give you:

We act as search consultants, not just recruiters. Because our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients, the first priority is to obtain a thorough understanding of the position for which we are recruiting. Through in-depth conversations we help our clients identify the challenges ahead based upon position, experience required, current trends relating to salary and benefits, etc., enabling them to attract and retain the best. Our clients understand that quantity does not equal quality. We are different in that we present only the most qualified candidates, so clients may receive only one or two resumes from Thobanco Technologies

We have an extensive network. Our extensive experience in Tennessee provides access to multiple contacts in the IT community, which, in turn, provides us with critical strategic advantages over our competitors. Our networks can help provide clients with candidates they would not otherwise see because they are not available through typical means (i.e., classified ads, internet ads, etc.). Our sales and recruiting staff's previous IT experience lends itself well when searching for qualified candidates. Since our staff members have much the same background as the candidates they interview, they can more easily identify IT talent. This adds to our clients' confidence in our ability to understand hiring needs and identify, evaluate and present the most qualified candidates.

We pre-qualify our candidates. Our recruiting staff focuses on locating quality candidates to meet clients' business needs. By taking the time to interview, ask the right questions and check references, we save you time and money. When our candidate meets the client, it is like they are on their "second" interview because of our comprehensive pre-qualification process.

Resumes do not tell the whole story. We gather extensive information from our candidates, which is crucial in making a successful match. We get to know the candidates' "true" desires and "hot buttons," which in turn, aids in identifying a strong fit for both the candidate and client. Through our pre-qualification process, we consistently identify great candidates that may be overlooked because of a seemingly weak resume. In contrast, many hiring managers spend hours sifting through countless resumes and hosting disappointing interviews, because they cannot find the right match, even though the experience on the resume looked great. Our process eliminates hours of frustration and provides a more cost effective way to fill IT positions.

Professional Information Technology Solutions are our business.

Thobanco Technologies is a leading provider of Staff Augmentation Solutions, Web Site Development and Web Hosting.

With customers ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, we understand the ever increasing need for talented professionals and workforce solutions.

We are in business to help you maintain your competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering highly skilled consultants and solutions when and how you need them most.